👋 I'm Allen Xu. I specialize in digital and conversational product designs and inspire individuals through critical thinking.

Currently, as a Senior Product Designer at Experian, I specialize in integrating critical thinking throughout the design process, enhancing project outcomes.

I refine design objectives by analyzing user feedback and observations, gaining deeper insights into user needs and behaviors. Numerical insights also play a crucial role in guiding and validating my design choices before testing.

Outside of work, I'm a mixed martial arts trainee, a certified meditation practitioner, and the owner of two cats.

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2021 - Present

My product design mentorship is for anyone interested in getting into or transitioning to the product design industry.

Each session aims to provide a personalized learning experience based on the individual's learning style. By understanding your needs and goals, I'll leverage critical thinking to guide you through achieving your personal and career goals. 🎯

It also allows me to be part of your design journey. 

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☝🏼 What you can expect from my sessions.

Luminary Media


Built component libraries as a solid foundation for Luminary's Design Systems.


2018 - 2019

An interactive map that saves brands hours of spreadsheet searching for sales data. 85% of clients were satisfied with the beta launch.



2013 - 2016

Hotel bookings grew by 4.97% on native apps, generating millions of dollars.


Little nugget time 🌟


Creative art from my little one.

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